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Download the code for the book "ASP.NET AJAX In Action" published by Manning.

About the book
ASP.NET AJAX in Action offers a rich set of examples and meticulous explanations. The extensive code samples are accompanied by accurate and rigorous explanations of the concepts behind development with ASP.NET AJAX. In this book, you will discover how to use
  • Microsoft Ajax Library
  • Partial rendering with UpdatePanels
  • Advanced client and server techniques
  • Ajax Control Toolkit
If you are a web developer looking to bring your web pages to life and to enhance the user experience, this book is for you.

Buy the book on Amazon, and check the customer reviews.

Book Homepage
This is the book's homepage in Manning's website.

Author Online Forum
Here you can provide feedback and point out errors in the text and issues in the code.

The official Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Website.

Alessandro Gallo
David Barkol

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